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Original Mind for Hire

A creative consultant, strategic thinker and ideas creator. I work across all areas of communications, from TV, web, posters, to brand identity. My ideas have won numerous awards. Most importantly the ideas engage with people sell down-arrowproducts, services, helping build brands and improve clients business. Strong ideas don't date or follow a trend, they're hard to forget, they're timeless.


Destination Judo

To launch Gold Bier, we were given a brief with a propostion. “Gold bier tastes great.” It gave us the opportunity to show bad taste and be outrageous. The end line of the TV advert reads “And now for some good taste.”

Scottish Prison Service

An engaging tv ad to help encourage people to donate blood using Sean Connery voice over.

Velvet Toilet Tissue advert

The 'Soft on your bot' line was basis for a tv idea which shows Velvet toilet tissues in stop-frame animation style make themselves into a full size very comfortable looking sofa.


A creative brief to name a product and design the packaging incorporating the famous Wiseman ‘black and white’ brand device. This particular milk from Wiseman is double filtered to last for 7 days. “A wise choice.”


Irn Bru advert

I was the originator of this award winning Irn Bru campaign. Black and white stock shots were the basis for the idea.

Oxfam Poster

Fishmonger image

WOW Dental

WOW Dental

WOW Dental

Branding and launch campaign for a new dental practice in Birmingham.

Cogen Energy

Cogen Energy create energy from all kinds of waste.
An awareness campaign, site posters, leaflets, and signage.

A series of 10 second tv ads, using idioms, eyes peeled, spilling beans. The perfect tone of voice for the tabloid.

Philips advert

Philips advert

Philips advert

Campaign to launch a new Philips Moi lady shaver. Using press, TV and POS.
The TV ad was featured on Channel 4 programme.

Tennents adverts

30 second TV ads using the red 'T' idea

Toffee Crisp Advert

6 sheet national poster campaign to launch Toffee Crisp coconut.
No retouching, a wig made to look like a coconut.

A hugely successful one-off ad for Tennents Lager based on the film Whisky Galore.
Filmed in black and white. 600k budget.

Squirrel advert

Wood MacKenzie drilling man advert

Click the image above to see the flash animation.
(not available to iOS mobile devices)

An online recruitment campaign to recruit analyst. Using animation of a man spinning like a drill.

Cow and Cloud

Who Cares Scotland

Brittle Bone Direct Mail

The Brittle Bone society wanted to raise money to extend a hospital. Mailed out to leading business leaders. It raised thousands.

HEBS - Smoking

Karate advert

A very successful poster and press ad. Silver award at the Cannes advertising festival.

Tyre T-shirt advert

An award winning T-Shirt

Wood Mackenzie Website

Click the image above to see the flash animation.
(not available to iOS mobile devices)

To recruit only the best Upstream Analysts Using humour I demonstrate how important their expertise was to the Wood mac business.

TV and online animated film for Scottish Government recruitment.


Clackmannanshire Council Transport website

Click the image above to see the flash animation.
(not available to iOS mobile devices)

I used the no entry sign as a way of dramatising how you can progress through your career in the council. The white line animates to knock the red line out of the way.

Farmer Autocare advert

Look after your car and it'll look after you. A simple campaignable idea.

Ladies Club Logo

The naming and launch of a ladies only fitness club.
Logo design, stationery, signage and leaflets.

Len Storage

Len Storage logo

The objective to simplify the name from Len Lothian storage to Len storage. The strapline: The hotel for your stuff.

Edinburgh International FIlm Festival image

A proposals for The Edinburgh International Film Festival. The campaign strategy line: Attracting the world's best films.
Posters, programes and signage graphics.

A very simple ad. It won a Roses silver award for a low budget tv ad.

the Tweed Foundation image

The Tweed Foundation is a company with charitable status which protects the fish and water life of The River Tweed. A campaign idea to raise awareness beyond anglers to help raise funds. Also a logo design.

Snail on a motorcycle