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Roads Project Engineer
Alloa £31,965 - £34,479

Supporting our Roads and Transportation Manager, you'll help us provide a full project management service – carrying out feasibility studies, design, contract preparation & procurement and site supervision of a wide range of civil engineering projects.

As such, you'll be our senior road design specialist, delivering key advice to a range of colleagues and partners, as well as taking a central role in driving a range of new road schemes and improvement works through to completion. Throughout all these projects, you'll ensure that we – and any contractors we work with – comply with all current standards, legislation and health & safety regulations, while working to identify service areas where we can improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Qualified to Incorporated Engineer level and experienced in road design and project management, you should not only be a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, but also have a good understanding of procurement processes in a public authority environment – coupled with proven communication skills.

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Bridge Sign

Bridges Engineer
Alloa £31,965 - £34,479

Providing a full structural engineering service, you'll take a leading role in supporting the Roads and Transportation Manager and developing strategies and policies for the efficient delivery of design, inspection and maintenance of our bridges and related structures.

You will produce detailed programmes for the inspection of all road structures and for bridge maintenance and strengthening, helping you create and maintain a comprehensive database, while also providing expert advice on relevant legal issues and on the routing of abnormal and indivisible loads. You'll have personal responsibility for carrying out principle inspections and for designing new bridges – or for preparing project briefs and preparing contracts for external consultants and contractors.

An experienced and fully qualified civil engineer, you should have a detailed knowledge of all current standards and relevant legislation, coupled with an understanding of procurement processes and, ideally, an understanding of the requirements of Local Authority Standing Orders.

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Traffic Management & Road Safety Officer
Alloa £25,689 - £27,981

With a leading role in two vital areas, you'll not only have an important part to play in improving traffic flow throughout the area, but also in protecting the public and preventing casualties on our roads.

As such, you'll manage both our Road Safety Plan and the Traffic Management Prioritisation of Schemes process, while monitoring the Accident Prevention and Traffic Management capital programme and working to procure external funding for other, similar projects. That means you'll supervise the preparation and the monitoring of contracts to deliver traffic management and road signage schemes, while taking responsibility for accident black-site studies, identifying common factors and carrying out statistical analyses.


It's essential that you are a member of an appropriate professional body, with significant experience in a relevant field, an in-depth understanding of civil engineering procedures and a detailed knowledge of road traffic legislation. And, as you'll be working with the Central Scotland Accident Investigation Unit steering group, while representing the council on East of Scotland Joint Councils Traffic Signals Maintenance Programme, you should also bring accomplished communication skills.

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Road sign

Roads Officer
Alloa £25,689 - £27,981

Supervising, monitoring and controlling operations on our public roads, you'll ensure the maintenance of our roads and related infrastructure is carried out to a high quality and exacting standards.

You'll work on a variety of complex maintenance operations, ensuring compliance with relevant conditions, guidelines and legislation, while instructing staff of the Direct Labour Organisation and of any external contractors commissioned by the council. Helping us work with the public we're here to serve, you'll investigate and resolve any public complaints and attend public meetings, as well as investigating Public Liability insurance claims and preparing reports for our Insurance Brokers. You'll also act as Duty Supervisor or Officer for our Winter Service Policy, making judgements and instructing staff on site, while providing a stand-by service for the resolution of emergency situations – like road traffic accidents or flooding.

Qualified and well-experienced, you should have HAUC accreditation for monitoring Statutory Undertakers works, coupled with a solid understanding of Civil Engineering, Conditions of Contract, Method of Measurements, Specifications and Legislation associated with roads. It's also essential that you have excellent communication skills, together with a current driving licence and access to a vehicle.

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