Without the intelligence we offer, the oil and gas industry's multi-billion pound decisions become multi-billion pound gambles. That's why the analysis and insight we offer is so crucial - and why analysts like you are so valuable to us.

For over 30 years we've delivered the research and consulting services that help make the difference between success and failure for a wide range of clients across the world, from supermajors to national oil companies. Our services are both unique and unrivalled, based on a wealth of experience, a comprehensive industry understanding and quality analysis, delivered by quality analysts. And that's where people like you come in.

We recognise that the success of our business relies on the quality of our people. It's your personality, your intellect and your drive that lies behind every one of our achievements. As such, we not only reward our people, we empower them. You'll be given the operational freedom you need to take responsibility for your own achievements, as well as your personal and professional progression. In short, at Wood Mackenzie, your expertise is given room to grow.